Difference between HKCU and HKCU: when dealing with registry paths

Just a general question. I am currently manipulating registry keys, and noticed that when I type a registry path in a function call like: Diff-RegFiles “HKCUSoftwareregTest2” it will run successfully. However, when I enter: Diff-RegFiles “HKCU:SoftwareregTest2” I receive an error of: reg: error: invalid key name reg export $enteredProdReg $tempDir$tempFile.reg Can anyone offer some clarification […]

I can’t send an email

I’m trying to get a script to work that will send an email, both addresses are the same (Gmail- from this video, I’ve tried using different FROM addresses and SMTP server names and I’m a bit confused as to why this doesn’t work. Here is the script with the addresses omitted . I’m getting this […]

Options other than WinRM

Hello All, Are there any options other than using WinRM for pushing commands to remote machines? I want to grab the ReleaseId of the OS from the remote machine and save it to a local csv, and also want to silently install applications in the background and reboot but everything I find requires WinRM to […]