Saving in winforms

Hi everyone, im recently started programming real apps in windows forms, and by real apps i mean that i just moved on and im done with console apps programming, i know enought already, the point is, i would like to make a reminder app for myself, and the main functionality will be that when pressing […]

License Key Question

Lately I have been researching about license keys for our application. There is one thing I really don’t understand. Let’s say I generate a License Key which my program validates. The key is valid and everything works fine. But couldn’t someone just share this license key with somebody else? Or someone could just publish a […]

UPDATE statement SQL in c#

I am trying to update a specific value in my access database however, when I want to set the ‘WHERE’ condition it does not work. I was wondering if the format of it is fine. It works without the ‘WHERE’ condition but when I try to include it it doesn’t seem to work. ​ […]

Deploying Azure Function App to Azure hangs on “Deploying: Step 1…”, help?

So I’m trying out Azure Functions for the first time and simply followed the standard tutorial: . When doing the publish & deploymen, it’s stuck like this : . Can’t cancel also, restarting VS didn’t help, starting in admin didn’t help. Anyone ran into the same issue once? submitted by /u/horoblast [link] [comments]

Application Deployment

I am working on a commission system for an agency, which will allow users to maintain policy information i.e updating, adding, and expiring records. Also this system has the ability to produce checks and commission statements. My question is what is the best approach for application deployment to user’s machines. I believe this will be […]