HELP. My function is returning an int instead of a string…when using GetString

This doesn’t make sense to me. I’m doing an SQL Query to select everything with a certain variable. This exact same query returns three rows of data inside of SMSS but when put into code it returns an integer of 0. what am I doing wrong? ​ public List<string>GetUpdatedRows(string tableName) { string connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“MillenniumFalconDatabase”]. […]

Anyone Hackerrank in C#?

I have a Hackerrank challenge for an interview coming up and my preferred language is C#. I just started fooling around with Hackerrank today and I think the system is buggy with C#. Or maybe I’m an incompetent C# programmer. I tried a very simple problem (Sock Merchant) and I get a runtime error; however, […]

Trouble moving/copying folders.

I would say this is a robocopy problem, but I think the answer will be found in PowerShell. I’m consolidating a bunch of folders today and running into trouble on my first set of folders. I’ve got two folders. \hostfolderfoldersourcefolders \hostfolderfoldertargetfolders Source has 13 folders and the target has several hundred. I just need to […]