how can i get the color of a pixel using screen coordinates? (already got the code, but it only reads cursor coordinates not static ones, need fixed screen locations)

hey everyone! ​ i want to check one pixel on my screen and read its color code ​ ive already sound a code wich works fine but it ony reads the pixel using my mouse/Cursor locations, how can i modify the code to use fixed coordinates? ​ Using bmp As New Bitmap(1, 1) Using g […]

need help on VB quiz game

For my computer science coursework I’m creating a movie quote quiz in VB. I’m trying to think what would be the best way of being able to generate questions and the answers option without having to enter each question and answer as a variable within an array. any help would be appreciated. submitted by /u/Alyidiir […]

Looping Question – HELP

So I have a question regarding looping in VBA. Basically I have a workbook with multiple sheets, most of them are cleaned up tables showing easily digestible information that pulls directly from a raw data sheet containing multiple columns and thousands of rows. Rather than creating pivot tables and manually pulling the data into each […]

VBA Assistance Please!

Hey Everyone, I have a workbook with 60+ tabs, and inconsistent data ranges. I need to create VBA code to: Search all worksheets in the workbook for specific text within a formula: Find = “*CODE”* Replace any formula containing *CODE* with the value in the cell that the formula is calculating. There is a significant […]