[VB6] Learn VB6 in 2018

This may sound crazy, but is it worthwhile to learn VB6 in 2018? My primary interest is to customize my computer to do things and that means programming the Office suite with VBA, but I’d also like a general programming language I can use outside of the confines of Office without having to learn two […]

[VB2010] Help Compacting Code

I’m making a 15 Puzzle for school, this would be the design: https://puu.sh/Ao8zS/5fb2116252.jpg. In the Form1_Load I have this: https://puu.sh/Ao8Dr/153041e54b.png, then I made this 3 functions to check if I can move the number: https://puu.sh/Ao8Je/a5a64971de.png, and lastly I made the Sub Button_Click: https://puu.sh/Ao9fs/09f2fea4e2.png (its 3 screenshot in one, sorry if its a bit messy). The […]