[VB2012] How do I loop this Audio?, I’m trying to

I’m trying to make a Hidden Object Game, The sound is the only thing left I haven’t finished, I couldn’t play a Background music if i used this code My.Computer.Audio.Play(My.Resources.finalfanfare, AudioPlayMode.Background) So I used this Instead Public Class Game Dim musicAlias As String = “myAudio” Dim musicPath As String = “C:UsersJob JohnDesktop2 Crazy Dave (Intro […]

Dictionary value only updates once

Im trying to use a dictionary to store the number of laps has completed in a race. Dictionary is created like this Public Sub PracticeModeCreateLapCounter(fgf As String) Dim nnn As Integer = 1 PracticeModeElapsedLaps.Add(fgf, nnn) ‘ add key and value to dictionary Debug.WriteLine(“created lap counter”) ‘debug End Sub I have tried everything I can think […]