Advice on how to better separate this class

So I’ve recently came across a library for interfacing with an Anviz reader (a time attendance device with TCP protocol). The main class is here: After submitting some patches to the author, I’ve decided that was better to rewrite everything from scratch since the code is just a monolithic class. My current code is […]

New to C# and having issues

So I’m trying to access WMI on my machine or a remote machine, It works perfectly for rootcimv2 but when I use a different scope I get System.Management.ManagementException: ‘Provider load failure ‘ Im trying to access rootMicrosoftMBAM but it just gives me that error each time. Here is what I have so far, remember I’m […]

Select startup item

I am trying to run this sample code: I downloaded it, and opened the folder in Visual Studios. When I go to run the code it tells me I need to select a startup item. It has a project.cs so I assume that would be my startup item, but I have no way of […]