Hungarian Notation

If I have a simple variable containing the string representation of a decimal value (the price of a product, for example) that I would like to convert I’m having a really hard time not calling it priceString. Also, please assume I have more than a few of that lying around, so the method sole purpose […]

Passing List Types

Hello everyone, I am relatively new to C# programming, please pardon my ignorance. I am currently writing a program that will send C# data to a Python script using the Process (System.IO) module. The flow is as follows. 1. Declare 2 lists using: IList<int> x= new List<int>() { 10, 20, 30, 40 }; IList<int> y= […]

Dynamic Console Menu?

I want to create a dynamic console menu in c#, but being a noob I’m not really sure how that would be done. Example would be Menu Title: 1. Menu Item 2. Menu Item 3. Menu Item Menu Title is obviously a title. The menu item needs to have a consolekey, text, and the function […]

Floating point operation – precision issue

Hi community, can someone please explain why this is happening? I vaguely remember reading about the floating point operations being quirky within certain conditions but I can’t find it anymore. Thanks in advance! double a = 1.0; double b = 0.94; double c = a-b; Console.WriteLine(“{0:0.000000000000000000000000000}”, c); 0,060000000000000100000000000 submitted by /u/baal80 [link] [comments]

Xamarin.IOS out of Memory

I have a Xamarin.IOS native app. It is basically a charting application that uses scichart.ios to do it’s job. Here’s the issue, after about 7-8000 points on a chart, the app runs out of memory and dies. I made sure that everything is being disposed of correctly but it still crashes and dies. I tried […]