The best way to realise que.

I need to realise queue that had constant size (23) and constant value. User must have 3 options “all done” “first done” “second done”. If all done queue change to next 2 elements, if first done, second element switch but first stay, etc. I was looked at List, but if only one done, i should […]

Thoughts on code contracts

To not lose my touch with programming over the summer holidays, I decided to pick up some books on concepts new to me. One of those was Design by Contract, by Example ​ Now the book was written using Eiffel, but mentioned you could use the concepts for any OO language. After some research on […]

Snipping Tool

Has anyone seen or made a “ clone “ of Windows snipping tool? Not as in a window that captures what is inside of a transparent picture box, but a click and drag capturing method. I am breaking my neck trying to figure this one out. (I am not a CS major) References/guides to push […]

Csharp projects

Hi everyone. I’m almost new to the world of programming. I’m using mosh c sharp courses to learn the language. But I hear over and over from you guys that having a project to work on is the best way to learn a programming language. The problem is I don’t know how to come up […]