Confused about String.Compare

bool quitting = false; foreach (string term in terms) if (String.Compare(line, term) == 0) { quitting = true; } I assume then that the String.Compare method will compare two strings, so in my specified example, line would be the first string, and term would be the second. I understand that if they are equal to […]

Raw mouse input

I want to make a bot for a game that helps supposed to help with building houses. I need to know how to change Raw mouse input. I have tried Cursor.Posotion and that hasn’t worked. And tried other ways except dealing with raw mouse input. If someone knows, or its even possible please tell me […]

inline argument enums

I wish we could define enums in a method definition: void MyMethod(enum SomeOption { One, Two } option) { } What do you think? is that crazy. It only makes sense if you just use that enum in one method, but.. I see to many reliances on bools: void MyMethod(bool OptionOne) { } submitted by […]

QUestion to improve

Hello, I am new at c#. I am a guy who still in a university when I see my coding it’s actually terrible. my school asked us to make a simple game (compared to GTA 5) it’s an RPG game or something like that. I, to be honest, hate it. it felt like my coding […]