Just published my first nuget after a long time. And it’s awesome and useful. VerySimpleRestClient

Almost every project I’ve seen for quite some time now had their own HttpClient abstraction library that they using for as REST Client. Because probably probably just want to to send some REST/HTTP request and get the response, not juggle multiple disposable objects and multiple serializations and de-serializations – you just one want one line […]

Is there any model which supports Pause/Resume/Cancel the Task running in a separate thread?

Hello, Is there any better way to implement Pause/Resume/Cancel operation on a Task running threadpool’s thread.? I am using Task<T>.Run() method, to run the method in a separate thread. Depending on the user’s response, this Task has to be paused/resumed or even canceled. For cancelling I am using CancellationTokenSource and it is working fine. Is […]

What are you experiences with in-memory providers for testing Entity Framework?

I have been enjoying Effort to help test unit test a legacy application that heavily uses Entity Framework. It even performs referential integrity checks. How have you been testing code that uses DbContexts, and those that use in-memory providers, what are some gotchas for Effort or .Net Core’s own in-memory provider? submitted by /u/Rockztar [link] […]

C# Job Requirements

I graduated recently and I wanted to look for a c# job. I am looking through the descriptions of these jobs and they say “Experience with C# and Asp.NET”. They don’t really specify if it is MVC5 or Core. Does it matter? Which should I learn? submitted by /u/Zerotil [link] [comments]