Can’t find a clean way get the desired output

Hey there, ​ I’m new to C# and have been stuck with an issue for a while. I’ve searched on google but couldn’t find a clean way to build the following string needs to be the output: {%22data_id%22:153,%22data_group%22:[11]} Before “formatted”: {“data_id”:153,”data_group”:[11]} This all needs to be a string, it’s actually json but formatted kinda weird. […]

Architecture with .NET Core 2.2, C#, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Angular 7, Clean Code, SOLID, Code Analysis, Docker and others new technologies and best practices.

Hello guys! ​ I want to share my Gihub project. It contains new technologies and best practices. ​ ​ Technologies .NET Core 2.2.2 ASP.NET Core 2.2.2 Entity Framework Core 2.2.2 C# 7.3 Angular 7.2.5 Typescript 3.2.4 HTML CSS SASS UIkit JWT Swagger Docker ​ Practices Clean Code Code Analysis No Over-Engineering DDD (Domain-Driven Design) […]

Dictionary appearing as null

I have a class, with public static Dictionary<string, string> DB = new Dictionary<string, string>(); declared and when using these functions: public bool DBLookup(string lookup){return DB.ContainsKey(lookup);}public void AddData(string tokenToAdd){DB.Add(tokenToAdd, null);PreserveDB();} ​ I get System.NullReferenceException and even the tooltip for ‘DB’ is shown as null, any suggestions submitted by /u/danielandastro [link] [comments]

Starting with C#

Hello r/csharp! I have some experience working with Java. While looking for more information about game development and mobile app dev, I learnt about C# and am interested in learning it. I have no idea about where to start from and what resources I can use. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/harbirbatth [link] [comments]


I am a WPF developer with a beginner level knowledge in ASP.NET MVC. I have heard about WCF and WEB API and did my reasearch a bit. If I have to stay relevant to the industry, which one should I start learning first? Also please suggest some good tutorial sites/ books. submitted by /u/nakul33333 [link] […]