Do-while loop isn’t working?

So I am making a simple console based game where you have to guess a number, so I made a Do-While loop to repeat if you wish to continue, here is the chunk of code you should be needing to see to help. do { Console.WriteLine(“————————————————————“); Console.WriteLine(“GUESS THE NUMBER”); Console.WriteLine(“————————————————————“); Console.WriteLine(“THE NUMBER IS BETWEEN ” […]

When to use Get; and Set;

After checking some video’s I’m still confused about Get; and Set;. I don’t see the difference in using Get;Set instead of just initialising a variable the normal way. What I got so far is that you can return values of fields(which are private variables in a class if I’m not mistaken) in a class from […]

NETworkManager – A powerful tool for managing networks and troubleshoot network problems! (Version

I just released a new version of my NETworkManager. The current version supports PuTTY with tabs and includes many bugfixes and improvements. Complete changelog: Old post: Give me some feedback! What else can be improved? What new features would you like to have? submitted by /u/BornToBeRoot [link] [comments]