Drop all lines that do not contain “x” in row 3-5

Sup lads, ​ Somehow ran into trouble exporting a csv(shouldve been simple enough right? lmao) ​ Get-Content C:TempMedcasol_KA.csv | Where{$_ -ne “” } | Out-File C:Tempexport.csv ​ Here’s the one line causing issues. For some (probably obvious) reason the line will simply export everything. ​ I tried replacing $_ with $_.ColName and $item.ColName which doesn’t […]

Powershell JSON to CSV

Trying to convert some JSON response to CSV in powershell. I’ve tried a few things but my JSON data seems like it has more nesting going on from the examples that I’ve seen. ​ Tried ((get-content C:Test1.txt ) | ConvertFrom-Json).urls | Export-Csv C:tempoutput.csv -notype -append but it doesn’t work. ​ Sample: [ { “id”: 53322, […]

Powershell Robocopy Rename

Hi to everyone. What I need is to rename all files into a destination that have the same name but different lenght and lastDate modified different. I used the robocopy Instruction to have all these files. $ListfilesToRename= robocopy /l /s /XL /np /nc /ns /ndl /njs /njh /xx $Dest $Source foreach ($file in $ListfilesToRename) { […]

Webforms for scripts

Hi guys, I want to build some webforms that I can use for scripts but I do not have the needed knowledge with html and databases. I found this a while ago: http://webjea.com Is anyone using this in production? Is there any other easy way to get started? One example for the final thing should […]