Persistent Title Bar

All, I am working to make Powershell a replacement for Putty for our a group of my users that require it, because I tire of maintaining it when I can now do this programatically with powershell and openssh. The one little tweak i am looking for help with is if I set my title at […]

Just Different – Password Expiry Notifications

My new PowerShell Module – Password Expiry notifications for Active Directory Available on github, via powershellgallery. While I guess not something that will suite everyone few people should have some use for it. User Notifications Manager Notifications Admins Notifications submitted by /u/MadBoyEvo [link] [comments]

First 3 Characters of a String

I am using Powershell to create user accounts in AD. The naming convention we are using is the first 3 characters of the first name and last name with the year the student is graduating. I am using $FirstName.stubstring(0,3) + $LastName.substring(0,3) to get the first 3 characters, which works in most cases, but I have […]

Learning Module Scope the Hard Way

Hola PowerShell-People! Another blog post done for your review and consideration. I will admit that this came about from a problem that I was having so it’s a bit rushed, jagged, and slightly incoherent! Any recommendations for improvements are appreciated. Thanks! submitted by /u/SOZDBA [link] [comments]

New Starter Script Help

Hi All, Firstly i would like to thank everyone who has been helping me on here over the last week. I am still however having an issue with my button calling the function. This is my button. #Mirror User Button $MirrorUser_Button = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Button $MirrorUser_Button.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(180,175) $MirrorUser_Button.Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(80,20) $MirrorUser_Button.Text = “Get […]