curl translate to powershell oauth

Hello, I hava a problem to “convert” a curl to powershell Invoke-Restmethod. Below I present my code that Im tyring to use to auth with oauth 2.0. Right now I have a problem with authentication. $headers.Add(“Authorization”,”oauth_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,oauth_version=2.0″) As you see Im trying to set Authorization oauth token in header. But it doesnt work. Second question is […]

How do I create an OU within an OU within an OU with PowerShell?

I’m practicing for my 70-742 exam and am trying to do everything in PowerShell so I’m more familiar with the commands in addition to the GUI. I used the following command to successfully create an OU called Manufacturing within an OU called Userss: New-ADOrganizationalUnit -Name “Manufacturing” -Path “ou=Userss,dc=mikes742,dc=com” This is what my Userss OU looks […]