In the example below, what do you call the spot after the period.( specifically “.IPV4Connectivity”) I know you can see the options with get-member, but what is it called? $Profile = Get-NetConnectionProfile $PROFILE.IPv4Connectivity Thanks for the help! submitted by /u/dus0922 [link] [comments]

Trying to use Write-Progress but not understanding how to use it in my case

I have a powershell script that sets up a WSUS server and begins a sync. I would like to display sync progress as a % in the shell. I have checked properties for Get-WsusServer but cannot find a % property anywhere there is however $TotalItems = $WSUS.GetSubscription().GetSynchronizationProgress().TotalItems and $ProcessedItems = $WSUS.GetSubscription().GetSynchronizationProgress().ProcessedItems So I wrote this […]