Azure AD for authentication or not?

I’m investigating options for how we authenticate and authorize in a new web application, with a .NET API backend and Angular front-end (both hosted in Azure). We will have a mix of internal users and external customers accessing the site, we currently use Office 365 internally so all the internal users have existing Microsoft accounts […]

Event Hubs Geographic Architecture

Hi guys – Just a quick question on Event Hubs architecture. I’m running a poc right now and have multiple senders in different geographic regions with a centralized database. My question is, how do you typically solve the latency issue for senders far away geographically from the event hub? Do you solve it by placing […]

Azure access for testing and development

i’m looking to learn Azure and was wondering if there is some kind of access i can purchase at a reasonable rate that would allow me to learn the environment, administrative and security controls, deploy some VMs (including azure marketplace). Does anything like this exist at reasonable cost. any help would be appreciated. submitted by […]

Node on Azure

Hi All, ​ I’m used to EB CLI for AWS and deploying node apps (dockerized) is a breeze. ​ Started a project with Azure as backend, using VS Code for development. I integrated VSCode extension and seemingly something is happening when I push the deployment up, but I get no results. ​ I like that […]

Passed AZ-300

I just passed AZ-300. I swear I thought I was going to fail. There were a couple of lab requirements I just could not figure out. It was definitely a tough one for me. I’m pretty bad at cert exams. To prepare, I used the LinuxAcademy course and it’s practice exams. I bought a practice […]

Looking for guidance on securing public facing web sites

So I’m looking into migrating DNN into Azure. I’ve made an account to train myself and got a site up and running by following these directions: Short version: Setup Azure SQL Setup Azure Web-App Dump in files Begin installation as usual As we all know, guides to get things working usually don’t scope in […]