Iterate over not existing object properties ?

I have object with not equal number of properties, i.e. second object is missing property “routeTable” “subnets”: {“value”:[{“name”: “GatewaySubnet”,”addressPrefix”: “″,”networkSecurityGroup”:”NSG-AllowAll”,”routeTable”:”UDR-Default”},{“name”:”UnTrusted”,”addressPrefix”:”″,”networkSecurityGroup”:”NSG-AllowAll”, }]} Now I don’t know how to check if property exists when iterating over object. The below gives error because of missing property “copy”: [{“name”: “subnets”,”count”: “[length(parameters(‘subnets’))]”,”input”: {“name”: “[parameters(‘subnets’)[copyIndex(‘subnets’)].name]”,”properties”: {“addressPrefix”: “[parameters(‘subnets’)[copyIndex(‘subnets’)].addressPrefix]”,”networkSecurityGroup”: {“id”: “[resourceID(‘Microsoft.Network/networkSecurityGroups’, parameters(‘subnets’)[copyIndex(‘subnets’)].networkSecurityGroup)]”},”routeTable”: {“id”: […]

Connecting to Azure AD

I’m going to go ahead and start this right off with: I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing here. I am a Windows network admin. Experience with on-prem AD, DHCP, DNS, etc. everything Windows on-prem. I also now have experience with Office 365 and limited Azure stuff since we migrated to 365 at work this […]

Export of Resource Group via Automation Script, doesn’t works

Exporting the Resource Group (RG) to a script using Automation Script. Getting error: ​ —————————————- Error details Export template operation completed with errors. Some resources were not exported. Please see details for more information. (Code: ExportTemplateCompletedWithErrors) Could not get resources of the type ‘Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/managementPolicies’. Resources of this type will not be exported. (Code: ExportTemplateProviderError, Target: […]

Storage Replica

Hi, I want to know if somebody tried Storage replica in Azure for SQL Server disks. There are few reference architecture that shows S2D replicating to other regions using Storage replica. ​ Please let me know if you know any limitation with Storage Replica + S2D combination. submitted by /u/stripadba [link] [comments]