Azure Mobility Service?

I need to manually install the mobility service on a red hat 6 (6.9) Vmware VM in order to replicate it to Azure. Where can I find the right tar file? Can’t find it in the docs on submitted by /u/xtrc91_ [link] [comments]


For reasons we’re putting file servers in Azure, in multiple geographic locations(I know storage accounts and all that are better, this decision has already been made) Has anyone used DFS-R? How has it worked? submitted by /u/superpj [link] [comments]

Azure File Storage

Hi all, Can anyone tell me if there is a solid method of accessing Azure files via mobile device? preferably with an offline sync? Considering implementing it as an alternative to file server but would like to access via mobile for which we currently use AutoTask Sync, Thanks in advance! ​ submitted by /u/Ryanaston [link] […]