ExpressRoute and L3 routing

I’m trying to compare AWS and Azure ? in network and security part I found this ? AWS VPC and Direct Connect are two services that enable a virtual private network. However, it uses layer 2, and not layer 3 routing. ExpressRoute, and Virtual Network, two similar services from Azure, use layer 3 routing. In […]

AZ-100 Measureup

I heard from someone that AZ-100 MeasureUp still contains questions from the 70-533 that don’t pertain to the AZ-100 exam. For those that have done AZ-100 and used AZ-100 MeasureUp, did you find MeasureUp to be worth it? submitted by /u/Lagrik [link] [comments]

Access Control List (ACL) for CosmosDB

Hi everyone, what is the proper way to create an ‘Access Control’ Mechanism for DocumentDBs such as CosmosDB? ​ In ‘relational’ databases i could easily create an ACL for every Data Entity. But within a DocumentDB a ‘documents’ can be denormalized and therefore can contain multiple entities of data. This would mean that a requestor […]