Setup ‘Atlassian Cloud’ SSO and now have Surface Hubs attempting sign in.

I setup Atlassian Cloud SSO Azure AD application using the details below: Which is working fine, however I forgot to think about Surface Hubs and other Meetings rooms we have which are now attempting to sign in to an account that doesn’t exist in Atlassian. Is there away in Azure to stop SSO for […]

Conditional Access and Intune devices

Hi crew I’m trying to set up device-based Conditional Access policies (Require device to be compliant) for a third-party app. This configuration works for all Microsoft applications, but the third party app tells me the device needs to be enrolled despite already being enrolled and compliant. This is a mobile app running on both iOS […]

Sysadmin, relative Azure noob.

Looking for some advice regarding setting up a home Azure lab to learn and test the various features. SMB to Enterprise wide. How does the PAYG element work, can I just setup an account and kinda pay per usage for evaluation purposes etc. ? Sorry if this is a dumb question! submitted by /u/ReverendReevesy [link] […]