Is sql free for a year?

Im torn between using postgres and sql server for a side project. At the moment hosting costs are a factor. Looking at the the azure site here: The line “plus get 12 months of free access to Azure SQL Database.” caught my attention… does that mean you actually get to use sql server free […]

Azure – AV/Endpoint

Hey guys, So there are talks to migrate several servers to our Azure tenant. I’m currently exploring endpoint options. We have Symantec on premises but until the release 15, our infrastructure will be On premises as well. This means we will need a s2s setup or they can route through our Netscaler and into our […]

Per tunnel connection speed of the higher tier VPN gateways (VpnGw1/2/3 etc) over basic

The “Basic” Azure VPN gateway sku has a rated bandwidth of 100mbps. ​ The VpnGw1 is rated at 650mbps, with more number of connections/tunnels supported. ​ I’m testing from a Gigabit fiber connection that pings 15ms to the gateway, using a capable Mikrotik CCR router over an IPSec site-to-site tunnel. At first, I deployed a […]