Azure Metrics

I’m finding no way of doing this at the moment: How do I plot the CPU usage of (x) vms where (x) is greater than 1? At the moment I’ve found 2 options: Create (x) charts in Azure Metrics Use the metrics preview and add (x) vms to it If my only sane option is […]

Basic Azure Question…

Sorry if this is a basic question, however, during my initial testing and research with Azure I am puzzled about getting things setup properly. I have a client that utilizes an on-prem server and an S: drive with basic Word, PDF, Excel files. That is all they have. They are going to have multiple locations […]

Azure with Kotlin webapp

Dear community, i’m complete new to azure, using the imagine subscription from my university. Currently running a small database there and now want to migrate my kotlin webapp from heroku to azure. But as i can see there are no simple ways to deploy a kotlin app yet ? Though about maybe a web app […]