How do I add AZs in Azure?

I know that AZs are a fairly new feature in Azure and I was curious how they are assigned to your instances. If I am creating subnets in a region that supports Availability Zones, does adding instances to that subnet automatically divy them up into different AZs? Coming from AWS, I’m used to having an […]

Azure File Sync questions/options

My small company (15 users) is running SBS2011 Standard. I’ve been tasked with mirroring our company file shares to the cloud. In the past, the built in remote web workplace was sufficient for remote file access but a recent 3 day internet outage was cause for concern. Anyway, OneDrive and Sharepoint online won’t really work […]

AzureBackup – Migrated VMS

So I’ve migrated a VM from On-Prem to Azure. Does this VM now count as an Azure VM? I want to run AzureBackups however it’s having issues deploying, so I’m wondering if I have to treat it as if it was still an On-Prem server and download/use the AzureMarsAgent for backups? submitted by /u/Kalamadin [link] […]

Possible DC Conflict?

Hello all, ​ My company has recently taken the dive into Cloud, and we’ve hit a snag; Azure says “no”. I am the Asset Owner for Azure and created the account with my Domain email address as instructed. I now can’t access Azure AD and other resources as it says I need to contact the […]

Pattern search in Azure blob file names

I am trying to search files that match my search pattern. static void ListBlobsInFolder() { var account = <MyStorageAccount> var blobClient = account.CreateCloudBlobClient(); var containerName = “importcontainer”; var folderName = “subfolder”; var container = blobClient.GetContainerReference(containerName); var query = container.ListBlobs(prefix: folderName, useFlatBlobListing: true, blobListingDetails: BlobListingDetails.None); foreach(var item in query) { Console.WriteLine(item.Uri.Segments.Last()); } } This gets me […]