Getting an error when trying to prepare a drive to ship for Azure Import

I’m trying to prepare drives for Azure import and I’m getting an error that’s pretty generic when I search for it: 2018/05/21 19:25:25.147][Error] Command failed with exception: AzImportDll.AzImportException: WMI operation failed: Method=Encrypt, ReturnValue=2147942487, Win32Message=The parameter is incorrect. This appears to be happening right after the drive is formatted and the WAImportExport tool is trying to […]

Opinionated Pipeline on VSTS

Does anyone know if it is possible to create an organization wide opinionated pipeline for VSTS? To add background, we are currently working in an Azure environment with Jenkins as our CI/CD pipeline. It is the only way to get code to production. The organisation has a Jenkins pipeline which all the teams must use […]

Code keeps running, non stop.

Hi guys, Please, I wrote a piece of code – it interacts with other pieces of code. All in all, it’s quite massive. Now, I’m running an integration test, that connects to the database and reads data. Now, the data is fairly massive. Issue is, all the times I ran this test previously, it always […]

Regular Expression Problem

I’m new to regular expressions, so I’ve made a very simple program to tell me whether the regex the user has inputted is a match, or not. loop: string pattern = @”[S]”; Regex rgx = new Regex(pattern, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); string input = Console.ReadLine(); Match m = rgx.Match(input); if (m.Success) { Console.WriteLine(“Valid.”); } else { Console.WriteLine(“Invalid.”); } […]