Console.ReadLine() not prompting user for input and always returning null

I have the following code inside of main: int numJobs = 0; while(numJobs != 3) { // This shows in the console… Console.WriteLine(“Rush Job (y/n)? “); // System.NullReferenceException thrown after line below executes: char isRushJob = Console.ReadLine().ToLower().ToCharArray()[0]; // More program logic } Everything compiles just fine, however, the line with Console.ReadLine() never actually prompts the […]

Help running a powershell script

Hi. I’m new to powershell and I’m trying to run this powershell script [Link!](“″) I cant figure out how tho. I opened powershell as an admin and typed: .set-autologon.ps1 Set-AutoLogon -DefaultUsername “007craft” -DefaultPassword “Mypassword” -AutoLogonCount “1” But nothing happens. I imagine I am entering these parameters wrong and I cant figure it out with google […]

How to proceed in setting up centralized identity/authentication server?

Basically I am newbie and would like to know how service companies set up their identity/authentication servers. Do they offer individual authentication server/email server/database for each client/app or do most of them use a centralized one where all identity info are store in a single database and are processed through a single identity server? I […]

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 – Announced for 21/04 for the first time in my country. What topics does it cover and what base knowledge does it require? I’m thinking of applying but not sure should I. Anyone had any experience with it?

So, the Global Azure Bootcamp ([link here] got announced for 21/04, and for the first time in my area. As it was an event not happening around here I didn’t pay much attention to it, but since it’s here and with several GREAT people in Microsoft’s community – I’m thinking of applying. I couldn’t […]