weird replace behavior

I am trying to replace the string tlsv1) with tlsv12 with the following command gci srcinternal sio_client_impl.cpp | ForEach { (Get-Content $_.FullName | ForEach {$_ -replace ‘tlsv1)’, ‘tlsv12)’}) | Set-Content $_.FullName } which works.. but also replaces if(ec)LOG(“ec:”<<ec.message()<<endl); with if(ec)LOG(“ec:”<<ec.message()<<endl){}; What’s going on? I don’t see how that line can be matched.. nor where {} […]

How to create an array like this

Hi guys, I have this string: “targetid”:”1″;”width”:”600″;”height”:”600″;”type”:”youtube”;”object”:”cMHcmReOg3c” I want to create an array like this: arr[“targetid”] = 1; arr[“width”] = 600; arr[“height”] = 600; arr[“type”] = “youtube”; arr[“object”] = “cMHcmReOg3c”; Is that possible? submitted by /u/laroccathebrux [link] [comments]