Using C# function from dll in PowerShell

I’m relatively new to PoSh, so this is a bit advanced for me. I’d like to use a C# function in a DLL. C# Function: int EloGetDiagnosticsData(PSCREEN_PROPERTIES pData, UINT nScrNo) The PSCREEN_PROPERTIES data type is defined as: typedef struct _SCREEN_PROPERTIES { int iWindowsMonNo ; ULONG Type; char Port[256]; char SerialNumber[18]; DWORD HardwareHandshaking ; CONTRL_STAT ctrl_status; […]

Am I approaching this right?

Hey all, first time in the sub. ​ I’m making a Windows Service in C# and I need to configure some parameters on it. Mainly it’s connection strings for different databases but also some behavioral settings (update frequency, etc.). ​ I’m having some trouble sharing the application settings using the “Settings.settings” between the two projects […]

VM Scale Sets

When I create my scale set and set the threshold for scale out and scale in based on CPU metrics, it doesn’t show anywhere to set the length of the threshold. For example, if I say scale out when the CPU gets to 85%, I don’t want it to scale out right when it hits […]