Trouble creating a powershell module

Hi, The module I created shows no commands under “ExportedCommands” and I can’t figure out how to get it to export the commands. Addition / Clarification: I used New-ModuleManifest to create the psd1 file In the .PSD1 I’ve tried: FunctionsToExport = @(‘function-Name’) FunctionsToExport = @(‘*’) FunctionsToExport = ‘*’ RootModule = ‘ModuleName’ RootModule = ‘ModuleName.psm1’ I […]

Compression – Text Only

Hello all, The System.IO.Compression has some pretty decent generic compression algorithms that are both fast and fairly light, however I am trying to get maximum compression of text only content. (Maybe the slight exception of including a handful of “special characters such as :/&$@ etc”) I’ve read about BWT and DMC text compression algs. and […]

Powershell to Delete Stale Intune Devices

I’m not the best with Powershell, but usually I can hobble my way through things. I’m stuck. I’m trying to use the script from here: But instead of automating it, I want to just run it once for right now. I don’t want to store credentials at all, I’d like to just run the […]