PowerShell Module file loading files in FileList?

I have been using the $FileList variable in my module manifests to keep track of all files bundled with the module. As stated HERE, the $FileList variable should not be processed.

List of all files packaged with this module. As with ModuleList, FileList is to assist you as an inventory list, and is not otherwise processed. 

When I try to load my newest module that includes a nested module with a few .dll’s, I can’t as PoweShell is having trouble loading the assemblies. I’m met with this error message.

Import-Module : The member 'FileList' in the module manifest is not valid: Could not load file or assembly 'Assembly.Name, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=Token' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.. Verify that a valid value is specified for this field in the 'C:PowerShellMyModulesModuleNameModuleName.psd1' file. 

If I remove the specific assembly from $FileList everything works as expected.

Am I missing something here?

Currently running version 5.1.14393.3053

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