C# Socket programming help

Hi everyone,

Ok, TL;DR: How would I go about creating a tcp server that can handle and send real time (or as close to it as possible) data to our DB?

A week ago, I my boss threw me into the deep end by asking me to set up a link between our data loggers and our DB.

My initial response should have been: “I have absolutely no experience in programming”.

Instead, like an idiot, I accepted the task, thinking that this would be a good project to get into studying C# and boy did I underestimate the challenge.

I’m not looking for a handout, I really want to figure this out, but I am a bit stuck.

What I have so far:

I can create a basic tcp Client and server connection and I can send a simple string from the client to the server, but that is about it.

I have yet to figure out:

How to connect multiple clients.

Stream data while the logger is active.

Add the data to our DB from stream.

As with all things Microsoft: I find the C# and .Net documentation quite confusing.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

I might also, just be missing the obvious or making this more complex than it needs to be by not using existing software.

Anyway, thanks in advance!

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