Setting up RDP for VM

Hi all, I’ve created a Windows VM on Azure, but I’m not sure exactly how to set up Remote Desktop Connection. I’ve followed some guides online but it doesn’t seem to work, and there doesn’t seem to be an Azure guide on how to do so (or at least what I can find). Could anyone […]

Need some help with this

I need to run this .exe when users logon. This is the old batch file contents: START %logonserver%NETLOGONtest.exe Provider=BLA;Data Source=BLA;Initial Catalog=BLA;User Id=BLA;Password=BLA; This is what I am trying with powershell but no luck start-process -FilePath “C:test.exe” -argumentlist “Provider=sql;Data Source=SQLSVR1;Initial Catalog=BLAH;User Id=BLAHBLAH;Password=BLAHBLAH”; This program test.exe goes to the database and finds the users info. submitted by […]

New job with Azure

I recently got a new job where I will be using Azure mainly with C#(Software Engineer). I purchased this course from Udemy( to try and learn as much as I can before I start the job. Any recommendations/tips for other resources that I can utilize to gain as much knowledge as possible? Thanks in […]

DIY Feature Flags

I’m trying to create feature flags for fun. I’ve done some research into how to implement them on your own in a OOP design. I haven’t started writing anything yet. I wanted to get an idea of other people implement them. Just a bunch of if/else if/else if/etc. everywhere? That would drive me crazy. submitted […]

Creating Better Scripts

I’m trying to expand my scripts by adding more steps, I added a Try/Catch to this one Param ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][String]$InputFile, #This is where the .csv file is stored [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][String]$OutputFile #This is where the results file will appear. ) #Variables $ComputerName = Get-Content $InputFile -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ###Enter Tasks Below as Remarks### #Test if the input file […]