Using Regex to split into comma separated fields

I have these columns coming out of a export. I plan on using a hashtable to do a find and replace on the unicode (if that is what it is), but I would like to separate the sections into comma delimited lines. This:

23Û19 ¦Ind©¦ 18Û19 ¦APª 13Û19 ®LS® 25Û18 §AP¨ 25Þ18 §¨AP§ 7ß19 ªAP¬ 

Would become this:

23,Û,19,¦,Ind,©¦ 18,Û,19,¦,AP,ª 13,Û,19,®,LS,® 25,Û,18,§,AP,¨ 25,Þ,18,§¨,AP,§ 7,ß,19,ª,AP,¬ 

the Fields would be

1. 1 or 2 digits 2. Unicode symbol 3. 2 digits SPACE 4. 1 or 2 Unicode symbols 5. 2 or 3 Letters 6. 1 or 2 Unicode Symbols 

any help would be appreciated.

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