Trying to move out from ActiveX

Sorry about the dreadful title, but yes we are still using IE at my company.
In order to stop using ActiveX I’ve created a Windows Service which according to the REST url it does operations like scan, etc.
One of the operations I’m trying to replace is reading and saving as file of the user outlook emails. Using ActiveX is easy because it works on the logged-on user permission (Task Manager perspective). I managed to do so in the scan operation using this class which launches an app using the logged-on user admin (important) account privileges:!AnmlsHeozNhmgZU99BWADIBMBUxrmQ?e=hoKavS

But for outlook things get a little more complicated. The outlook app and the app that will read the emails have to be with same privileges, they can’t be one with administrator and one without – and at most times the outlook is opened regularly, without admin rights.
Does anyone have any idea how I can solve this issue => reading the user email list and saving the ones he selects from a Windows Service?


Trying to work with above class is like this:
ApplicationLoader.PROCESS_INFORMATION procInfo;
ApplicationLoader.StartProcessAndBypassUAC(“C:\OutlookHandler\OutlookHandler.exe”, out procInfo, “OUTLOOK.EXE”);

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