Server or workstation GC for ASP.NET Core services hosted in Service Fabric?

At work we have a series of ASP.NET Core microservices hosted in Service Fabric. These services are mostly pretty slim, not doing a lot of things, but we noticed lately that they seem to be hogging a lot of memory, sometimes several gigabytes. I tried to find an explanation for this, and ended up at this github issue ( ), where it is basically stated that this is the expected behavior – the GC doesn’t necessarily run or release the claimed memory unless it is pressured. My question is – couldn’t this potentially become an issue, if several applications are hosted on the same node in service fabric, and one ends up hogging all the memory, potentially resulting in OutOfMemory exceptions for the other services? And could this potentially be mitigated by switching to workstation GC mode as in this example:

Thanks in advance – I hope this is not a stupid question, as I’m unsure whether it is an actual problem, but it would be nice to have some input 🙂

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