[Question] Watermark Service – Serverless/Cloud-Native Assessment

I have to solve one task using .NET related technologies but I have zero knowledge about Serverless databases. The task is given below:

A global publishing company that publishes books and journals wants to develop a service to

watermark their documents. Book publications include topics in business, science and media. Journals don’t include any specific topics. A document (books, journals) has a title, author and a watermark property. An empty watermark property indicates that the document has not been watermarked yet.

The watermark service has to be asynchronous. For a given content document the service should return a ticket, which can be used to poll the status of processing. If the watermarking is finished the document can be retrieved with the ticket. The watermark of a book or a journal is identified by setting the watermark property of the object. For a book, the watermark includes the properties content, title, author and topic. The journal watermark includes the content, title and author.

Examples for watermarks:

{content:”book”, title:”The Dark Code”, author:”Bruce Wayne”, topic:”Science”}

{content:”book”, title:”How to make money”, author:”Dr. Evil”, topic:”Business”}

{content:”journal”, title:”Journal of human flight routes”, author:”Clark Kent”}

Can you please provide some information about how to design the infrastructure of back-end, what technologies should I take consideration to use and all necessary topics that I need to know before I start developing the app? What microservice I must use?

The task can be solved as C# desktop or web app.

Thanks in advance.

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