Trying to upload file with ASP

I’m following the Microsoft Docs tutorial, but it doesnt seem to be working. tutorial Here is the markup in the view: ​ And here is the controller: ​ I’ve tried setting up a breakpoint on the start of the method, but it doesn’t run. The server shuts off without any error after I […]

CShapr Macros – a new era of C# snippets

Hi, I created a new Roslyn plugin that allows generating code right in the code editor. It should work in Visual Studio, VSCode and Rider. Project description and links to repository and packages are available in the accompanying blog post I hope you will find it useful. submitted by /u/cezarypiatek [link] [comments]

Cancelable countdown timer?

I’m currently using write-progress to display a countdown timer for a bunch of scheduled scripts, but have found that I some times need the script to execute immediately instead of waiting a few minutes/seconds (all of the scripts have different countdowns timers). Write-progress is not cancelable, and my googlefu has failed in finding any other […]