Designing a template in SquareSpace/WordPress & Integrating with a .NET Core Backend?


I’m considering options for building a website. My stack includes React, .NET Core, & SQL Server. I plan to host on Azure. A basic template doesn’t work – there’s to be a good deal of content, with lots of pages and copy.

The thing is, while I know how to write HTML/CSS/JavaScript, giving a site that professional edge and developing content are outside the scope of my expertise.

So here’s my questions: Is it feasible to “design” on a site like Squarespace or WordPress, sites with templates and at least some support for making things look professional for those that aren’t designers by trade, and then exporting the design for integration into my React/.NET Core app?

Maybe it’s a silly question, overkill, or roundabout, but suffice it to say, I can’t even tell if that’s the case.

What have others done aside from hiring a designer to work with?

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