Considering a move from .NET Standard to Core. Thoughts on potential obstacles? Ideas to try?

So, I’m just getting started with Docker, and I’ve yet to start working in .Net Core, but I see of a way I might potentially start learning.

We’re currently a .NET Standard (I think that’s the term for it) shop, and I’ve toyed with the idea of moving one of the apps/services over to .NET Core. The intent will be to containerize it and see if it can be run as a microservice (if that’s feasible for what we need). A potential issue raised by a coworker is the current heavy reliance on IIS, which I’m told would inflate each image quite a lot.

Is it possible to move to using Nginx or something similar? What sort of challenges might I face when I’m trying to make the move? I realize this will have to be a very general look at it, but I’m open to suggestions. I’m just trying to learn however I can.

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