Comparing two or more PowerShell objects visually using Out-HTMLView/PSWriteHTML PowerShell Module

Today, I’ve for you, a completely new feature of Out-HTMLView/PSWriteHTML PowerShell module. What this feature does, it allows comparing two or more PowerShell objects together.

While normally you would do this with Compare-Object but that gives you only half of the story. In a linked blog post and in that PowerShell Module I went a step ahead and created a visual way to compare two or more PowerShell Objects.

Get-Disk | Out-HtmlView -Compare -HighlightDifferences Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties Modified, MemberOf, IsCriticalSystemObject | Select-Object -First 2 | Out-HtmlView -Compare -HighlightDifferences get-vm | Out-HtmlView -Compare -HighlightDifferences 

Make sure to read the blog post as I’ve described lots of possibilities that can be useful in day to day use. Link to a blog describing features and usage:


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