[Question] Watermark Service – Serverless/Cloud-Native Assessment

I have to solve one task using .NET related technologies but I have zero knowledge about Serverless databases. The task is given below: A global publishing company that publishes books and journals wants to develop a service to watermark their documents. Book publications include topics in business, science and media. Journals don’t include any specific […]

Help with a Logic Puzzle of my own Stupidity: If’s, Else’s, and Loops

Hello all, For some this will be a nice PowerShell logic puzzle exercise. Firstly, the code: $AllGGroups = Get-ADGroup -SearchBase “[OU Places]” -Filter {Name -like “EG*”} | select Name # Grabs Each EG Group Individually foreach($AllGGroup in $AllGGroups) { $Group = Get-ADGroup $AllGGroup.Name -Properties * $Person = $Group.Name -split “-” $FolderCheck = $Person[1] $GrabTLFs = […]

Invoke-SQLCmd output

I have a script that runs an Invoke-SQLCmd against a user database and dumps the output into a variable. The object is named USER_LOGIN. I want to check for the existence of a user. If ($users -contains $user) and If ($users -match $user) Are not returning True, even though $user is a user that is […]