I sat and passed AZ-103 today AMA

Hello everyone,

As the title states I sat and passed the AZ-103 today. I know this test is super new and is lacking in the study content so I thought I would share my experience.

A little background:

I am a CCNA so I do have a decent understand of networking and I have worked for a very busy MSP for the last year so I have gotten to touch almost every vendors equipment. I had almost no cloud experience before starting my studying about a month ago.

My number one suggestion to anyone trying to study for the test is: LAB IT UP!!! You will not learn theses concepts without hands on experience. Plus, Microsoft is basically paying you to train with a $200 credit on Azure when you first sign up. If you run out just start a new account.

Second suggestion is use the “hands on labs” provided by Microsoft. This is totally not for the reason you think. As I found most of the labs were buggy and didn’t work 100% well. This is perfect because it give you hard on experience with Microsoft’s live Azure environment. This is the same environment they use in the actual labs in the AZ-103 exam. Resources seam to take a lot longer to provision or delete. Keep note of that in the lab section.

Lastly use the documentation provided by Microsoft. They are going to ask some in depth questions you need to understand the concepts and some advanced features of some of the resources. The documentation provided by Microsoft is second to none and honestly more then you need to study if you use it right.

The test itself was 210 minutes and believe me you will use almost all of it. There are a few different types of questions and I had two labs with about 6 – 8 steps in each lab.

I hope my experience is helpful to someone looking to take this test. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or PM me.

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