Do I really need to use Visual Studio?

Okay, so this is coming from someone with no coding experience. I’m trying to start with C# (following Ben Tristem and Rick Davidson’s C# Unity course on Udemy).

This may sound retarded, but I’m gonna say it anyway. VS looks really bad. Yeah, I know, an IDE is supposed to be functional and not pretty. But for someone just starting out, comparing it to something like Atom (I’ve used it a while back for some basic js), it looks really terrible. The font, the color, the entire layout, everything is really ugly.

Anyway, I’m wondering how important it is to use VS instead of a text editor like Atom. Am I losing on too much for using something else? Should I just stick with VS anyway? And if I do, is there any way to make it look a bit better?

Sorry, this probably sounds really retarded and amateur, I know. Thoughts?

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