Deciding on an app to build

My friends and I are planning to develop a cool mobile app. We’re gonna be building it for a competition in July 2020 so we have an entire year. We’ve been practicing/doing short term projects with C# and WPF for 9 months now so we’d like to use Xamarin for this one, since it’s a similar platform.

First we wanna narrow it down to 3 apps, then my team will do further discussions on which one is best, oh yeah, the app we choose has to solve an SDG. Please vote here for the best idea:

Here are the ideas. A Food Delivery App

Newspaper/Trending news app

Social media for students

Music and video streaming/downloading app

AI Medical chat bot

Animated Chemistry app for JHS and SHS

Interior Designer app, take a picture and simulate design

Cloud Presentation

Restaurant reservation app

What do you think?

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