Cost Effective use of Azure SQL for a Dev

I am transitioning some workflows from local VMs to Azure after realising I get a good amount of rolling credits with my MS Visual Studio Enterprise plan. I am a developer, and these are all dev environments that get used sporadically during the working day.

Before the weekend, I was experimenting moving some fairly small (<10GB) SQL Server Databases from my local machine to Azure SQL.

I opted to use the default provisioned General Purpose: Gen5, 2 vCores, and created three separate databases to mimic the same setup I have locally. Looking at the credits today, this does not seem like a feasible path moving forward.

I have now moved them to Gen5 – General Purpose Serverless, with a 1 hour auto-pause. I can still connect to them and query them just fine. This feels like a more cost-effective approach for my needs.

Would like to hear from other devs that are using Azure SQL, and if there are any good tips on how to cut costs in this area?

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