Why all the hype for C# and ASP.NET Core?

I currently live in Austin, Texas as a Full-Stack SWE, working on Full-Stack JavaScript work at a large Tech Company?

I’m assuming Austin has a similar Tech Hub environment as SF and NYC and Seattle.

I often hear that ASP.NET Core is one of the hottest new frameworks to learn, and it’s a better framework than Java Spring.

However, if I type “ASP.NET” positions on Indeed, most if not all of the companies are at: Old School Tech Companies like Dell, Microsoft shops, Consulting companies, and a few Medium-Sized Businesses.

So where’s all the hype coming from for ASP.NET Core? I’m assuming most people DON’T want to be working for Old School Tech Companies if they had a choice, the key being if they had a choice.

I don’t understand why there’s an overhype of the TECHNICAL MERITS of the language, when in the real world business case, there aren’t a lot of work done in ASP.NET Core for really cutting edge Tech Companies? Thoughts?

Note: I’m not saying ASP.NET Core is a bad framework. If anything, I think the technology in C# / ASP.NET is far superior to Java. I’m just not seeing as much INTERESTING jobs from a business perspective in ASP.NET Core as in other technologies in the Tech Hubs.

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