Notification Hub with Azure Resources (Azure SQL DB vs Azure Table Storage)…Looking for suggestions


We are in the process of building out our notification center on our website that will allow us to display notifications in realtime on the webpage as well as send them out via email or sms.

I believe we could leverage signal r to do so, but we would like the notification to persist on the webpage until the user hits “Dismiss” or “resolve”. (Usually, these notifications require user actions, not just an update about stuff).

We have built out a schema for a database design that will allow us to send out these notifications directly to the website as well as any other medium they are subscribed to (email, sms, etc). We were looking at using it as an Azure SQL DB but that sparked a debate between using Azure SQL or Azure Table storage. Would there be any downsides to going with Table storage if there are about 5 tables that all have PK FK relations? Seems like keeping a history of dispatching notifications and /if users dismiss notifications complicates things a little.

Also, open to suggestions, maybe we are reinventing the wheel and could use something else entirely.

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