PowerShell Git, CI/CD and Windows servers

I’m using GitLab as my remote repo and my MAC as a local repo. Most of my scripts are more AD module based so the “run” of the scripts and testing needs to be on a Windows box, to make things easy.

Because I’m building scripts and saving, pushing to git and then logging into the server (read more about that below) pulling the changes and then testing the script.

So I’m pushing from local to remote GitLab repo with no problem. I’m just wondering if anyone has used a runner or anything else to “automaGically” merge my approved Master branch changes to my Windows servers.

I’d like to say that SSH on Windows server isn’t something our Enterprise would go for, allowing WinRm connections from server 1 to server2 is getting pretty hard too as they are wanting us to either “checkout” creds from Cyberark or use Password safe (not the local password dB tool) to connect to servers.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Am I rambling?

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