New-MailboxRestoreRequest comes with all reminders

Hi Team,

A user has left the company and their manager want’s all their emails. The command below is going to save a lot of time rather than restoring the .pst’s.

It runs and works all well and good, however when i restore the mailbox (O365) it continually pops up with (it seems) every reminder/meeting this employee ever had. Now, even when i wait for an hour then dismiss all, they still come in. I have had this go on for days with users previously. Is there anyway to prevent this? I have attempted to exclude the Calendar and Tasks folder, however it hasn’t solved the issue.

$InactiveMailbox = Get-Mailbox (Read-Host -Prompt "Enter old email address").Trim() -InactiveMailboxOnly New-MailboxRestoreRequest -SourceMailbox $InactiveMailbox.DistinguishedName -TargetMailbox (Read-Host -Prompt "Enter email address of target mailbox").Trim() -TargetRootFolder (Read-Host -Prompt "Enter the restore folder name").Trim() -AllowLegacyDNMismatch -ExcludeFolders '#Tasks#','#Calendar#' 

TLDR: Bulk reminders coming in when i restore an O365 mailbox

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