Looking for C# projects with good test coverage to test my new mutation testing tool.

A bit of background:

About a year ago I started to get interested in mutation testing and decided to create my own tool as a personal project. It was a bit messy at first but I managed to get a pretty “stable” version after a couple of weeks which I showed my company.

They really liked the idea and and I was told to continue build on something that we could jack into our CI/CD process. Said and done I got something that we now use on every pull request to check our unit test quality.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I want expand the project a bit and that’s why I’m putting it out as open source and would really like to find good C# projects to test the tool on. Both to find bugs but also too find ways to improve it and as using it “in-house” makes you go a bit single-minded.

So if you have a good small to middle project with good test coverage (mutation testing won’t show anything useful if you already know that you lack tests) I would love to see it. You can either post a link to your repo here and I can show you the mutation testing results (if you are interested) or you can run it yourself by downloading the application:


I’m also happy for any other feedback that I can get (documentation, config, etc).

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