Is it just me, or do most people who use ASP.NET Core get defensive or entitled when someone recommends using a “nimbler” technology stack like Django, Node/Express, or Ruby on Rails for web development?

Usually, the responses I hear are ASP.NET Core is the future and that I’m stupid for sticking with Django, Node/Express, or Ruby on Rails for web development.

And when people try to bring up points on why ASP.NET Core is not necessarily the best solution for startups or rapid prototyping compared to nimbler technologies, I often get the response that JavaScript sucks, it’s garbage, Django and Rails sucks.

I mean, come on.

Yes, I’m sure a more than a few startups CAN use ASP.NET Core and have been using it, but let me ask you: What is the common case?

In your opinions, if I were a complete beginner programmer, and I learned JavaScript, Python, and PHP and that’s all I knew, would you say that I should go out of my way to learn ASP.NET Core and C# if my end goal was to work on hobby side projects or develop my own web startup?

The truth is: The common case for .NET/.NET Core/ASP.NET Core is that it is ultimately mostly used by existing .NET Developers or large Enterprise projects, not hobby projects or startups. It’s not even about what languages are trendy or not, it’s just pointing out the COMMON CASE. Java / C# are fundamentally known for being enterprise-grade languages. Yes, you can do startup projects with it, but it won’t be the COMMON CASE.

Let’s say I wanted to create a social media or marketplace app, and I just wanted to develop the MVP as quick as possible. Can I do it in C#/ASP.NET Core? Yes, it’s possible. But why would I SPECIFICALLY go out of my way to learn a language for this specific use case?


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