Combining Net Core and WCF in Docker compose

Greetings everyone

I have a project where I am supposed to create an application that consumes a SOAP web service. The application I am writing and the one offering the service are supposed to be written in different technologies.

I chose ASP.NET Core as my weapon of choice and my colleague chose Spring to implement the other app.

As I couldn’t find a way to consume SOAP from NET Core, I kept stumbling upon WCF which is a technology still not supported by the NET Core.

My idea is to use docker compose to create two separate containers, where WCF will communicate over SOAP with the Spring web services, whereas the ASP.NET Core could communicate to WCF.

Is this viable or a good idea?

What would be your suggestion to solving this problem?

It is mandatory that the communication is based on SOAP. And mandatory to have two apps, my app will have to occassionaly sync its database with the one of the central.

TL; DR; ASP.NET Core and Spring apps communicating over SOAP. Can’t do it?! WCF in the middle. May be a bad idea. How to design such a setting in docker compose.

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