Azure Resource Group Disaster Recovery Necessary?

EDIT: Solution Found

Per /u/tsrob50 from the Resource Group Documentation

If the resource group’s region is temporarily unavailable, you can’t update resources in the resource group because the metadata is unavailable. The resources in other regions will still function as expected, but you can’t update them. To minimize risk, locate your resource group and resources in the same region.

So play it safe and don’t stretch resource groups across regions.


So I know Azure Resource Groups can contain resources from multiple regions, and that they failover with a peered region in a result of a failure, however as we well know from the South Central incident, it might take Microsoft a while to decide when to fail a region over.

So….when building apps, should I still do one resource group per region for the resources in that region, or can they be considered trustworthy enough that if a region fails (but Microsoft hasn’t failed it over), the apps inside the RG will continue to work, say if they query info limited to the RG, etc.?

Safety says do one resource group per region, but if doing a single multiregion resource group for the app is “safe”, that would be preferable from an organization perspective.

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