Unable to reach GRUB menu from Azure VM serial console

I have a VM that has got itself into a state that it no longer accepts the usual sssd logins. It also appears that the stored root login info is incorrect. Normally at this point I’d boot it into single user mode and work from there.

Unfortunately the Azure serial console always disconnects on a reboot and takes so long to reconnect that the VM is well past the GRUB menu when it comes back up. In environments like vSphere you can add a boot delay of your choice to avoid issues like this but I can’t find anything like it for Azure VMs. Microsoft’s documentation reads like they’ve never encountered this issue. Googling mostly gives me people complaining about slow or delayed VM startups rather than anyone deliberately trying to do so!

It’s hard to believe I’m stuck here. Am I being a dumb newbie? Is there a setting I can use to reach the grub menu?

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