Seeking advice for a Citrix Workspace and a Migration

I have a Citrix Workspace (on it’s own separate server in a domain) which is publishing a bunch of apps (nothing new there). We had an old classic VM (which served as a DC) and we wanted to spin up a non-classic VM. I did that, migrated all the data over from the old server and promoted the new one to the PDC.

The new server is great and brings us all great joy, but unfortunately when I shut off the old classic VM the Citrix Workspace no longer lets anyone log into their workspace. It claims there’s an invalid username / password.

The Citrix server we have recognizes the new VM as the DC and proudly proclaims that it is indeed in the domain. The new VM has AD Sync set up on it, what am I missing? Hope I posted this in the right spot, you guys have been super helpful to me in the past. If I should post this somewhere else because it involves Citrix let me know. Thanks guys.

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