log4net RollingFIleAppender exception type

I have to make some improvements to a Powershell script.

So I have a script that is getting started multiple times with different parameters.

These scripts now all write to the same logfile using log4net. I know, not great, but I don’t have time to change the logging completely and I “inherited” the responsibility for this script.

Now like I expected, I get errors like these:

log4net:ERROR [RollingFileAppender] Unable to acquire lock on file

log4net:ERROR [RollingFileAppender] OpenFile

My question is now:

Can I create a try/catch around my log commands where I catch a “RollingFileAppender” exception?

I tried googling but I didn’t find a type for that. I can’t test either because this script is highly specialized and won’t take an input, that is only for testing purposes ( I know, great lol). I will try to recreate parts of the script for testing but that will take some time and so I figured I’d ask here first.

If “RollingFileAppender” isn’t the exception type, does someone know what type of exception it is?

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