Blazor Best Practise

Hi All,

Now that Blazor seems to be gaining support and the chances of it being abandoned are diminishing, I thought I would jump on board and take a look.

I have gone through the basic tutorials on the Microsoft Docs website and all seems pretty understandable, what I am lacking though, is an idea on how people are currently/planning to build larger scale LOB applications in it and keep it maintainable.

A lot of the tutorials focus on(for simplicity of course!) keeping your code within the @Function block at the bottom of the Razor component template file, this is fine for tutorials, but how do people feel about keeping logic code and layout code in the same file? Feels to me like it’s going back to my early non-professional days of programming PHP as a child, where I would wrap little bits of PHP code(Im talking more then just UI Formatting code like If/Else and For Loops) inside of HTML Blocks of UI code… feels dirty…

Has anyone thought about how they may decouple the UI code from the C# code? What about some of the MVVM Methodologies and techniques we use while writing WFP applications?

It is still early days into my Blazor experiments, so I may be missing a fundamental bit of functionality which solves all this code organisation, but at present I’ve not found anything.

From what I’ve seen however, it’s exciting stuff!

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