New Azure Service Health videos

Hello /r/Azure, What is Azure Service Health? Azure Service Health provides personalized alerts and guidance when Azure service issues affect you. It can notify you, help you understand the impact of issues, and keep you updated as the issue resolves. ​ The purpose of these videos is to cover a range of key Azure Service […]

Sending email with Gsuite

I’ve been using Send-MailMessage to send email reports of certain Powershell jobs and found it incredibly useful. As part of beefing up security, I’ve turned off ‘allow less secure apps’ which has killed the emails. At the end of the week we are also planning to turn off IMAP access. Is there any way to […]

.Net constructor error message

Trying to get the info from the TimeZoneInfo.GetAdjustmentRules Method but getting an error. What does it mean and how do I fix it? > $tz = new-object System.TimeZoneInfo new-object : A constructor was not found. Cannot find an appropriate constructor for type System.TimeZoneInfo. I have automation that queues an email for delivery a few days […]