Web application with dotnet new reactredux starter

First of all hello and thanks in advance for the help.

I want to develop a web application that basically consists in a website for a business that sells used items. I just want to showcase all the inventory online. I don’t want e-commerce nor user accounts. I just want a login account that will take me to a CMS (content management system) and there I manage all the listed products

I want to create this web app using the .net core + reactredux template. I will be using VSCode because Open Source.

I want to do everything right so I’m reading the microsoft documentation about the dotnet new
command here but I’m becomming kind of overwhelmed by all the options.

I want my app to be a perfectly functional, secure, tested (xunit) web app after I deploy it.

What options should I use?

1)There’s and option there called –auth
(-au|–auth – The type of authentication to use.) Is it important?

2)I want to have a parallel project used for testing my app using xunit, kinda like if I have a class in my main project called (controllers.cs), I should have the respective class in the Tests project called controllersTests.cs..

3) what more should I need to know using this tech stack?

Sorry for the noob questing but this is my first time creating an app like this and I want to be safe I do everything right

4) How should I start? should I be safe in the future if I just start with dotnet new reactredux -o [nameOfApp]? A colleague of mine told me that I should use dotnet new webapi -o [nameOfApp] and then add the frontend side in order to have more control in the future over the configuration files, like webpack?

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