Tips for learning Invoke-WebRequest

Hey Guys.
scoped out a search through the archives and still having issues.
we have a website that we log into, and for my piece, I need to automate user account creation/deletion.
so from the homepage, we log in.
then we use a link to get to the page with all the users.
Add User button, and then fill forms, and “create user” button to create the account.
My HTML is a little rusty, and Invoke-WebRequest is going over my head.
Where do you recommend I start?
I don’t want to just make the script work… I want to actually understand how it works so I can use it later for other things.
Do I need to go brush up on my HTML first, or can I get by with my basic HTML/CSS knowledge?
What are some good resources to learn this cmdlet?
any help is greatly appreciated.

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