Output Invoke-GPUpdate

Hi PowerShell.

I’m imaging devices, and trying to output the results of Invoke-GPUpdate to a file.

I’m using the following command in an SCCM Task Sequence:

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .Invoke-GPUpdate.ps1 | Out-File -FilePath C:TempInvoke-GPUpdate.log -Append 

If I run that command in Windows, the Invoke-GPUpdate.log is created.

When run in SCCM, there is no log. The PowerShell script is basic:

Invoke-GPUpdate -Force 

If I move the Out-File into the script, like below, the file is created, but there is no data in it:

Invoke-GPUpdate -Force | Out-File -FilePath C:TempInvoke-GPUpdate.log 

I can see data returned in ISE, but it’s not being translated into the file.

Thank you

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