How do I parse a csv file looking to see if a particular column matches a string?

Im looking to do a search of a csv file that will have many columns but the format is shown below. I want to be able to search through the connectionstatus column and see if it is showing as offline instead of online and then send out an email. Other columns in the csv file could contain the word offline so I cant just do a straight search for that string. Im not sure how to read in only that particular column for searching.

id,isTosAccepted,updateTime,connectionStatus 968fb5cc-9285-0f1f-f6d4-2a201ba8ba4d,FALSE,2/8/2019 15:45,ONLINE be2de060-c5c6-d1e5-cf0a-c4411dadfd18,FALSE,2/11/2019 5:54,ONLINE 

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