[Beginner help] Adding a column to IdentityUser using a dotnet new template

So, I’m trying to learn more about CORE using the command/template

dotnet new webapp –auth Individual -o WebApp1

and while rummaging through this, I think I found the controllers, (In the pages.cshtml.cs files) but what I would like to do now is add a column to the ASPNETUSERS table. Most of my googling has pointed me to creating/editing a model, however I’m not seeing anything in this template like that. In fact I can’t see the login views or controllers either.

I’ve learned that when I add a new migration its basically all auto-generated, but with this template I can’t see where the tables are set up, so I can’t edit them or change them.

I understand that core is probably doing a lot behind the scenes, but what would I need to edit in this template to get me started on customizing this database to my project?

I was able to locate this github which seems to be a more complete version of what I am doing, however it has files that my template doesn’t, but seems to be doing the same things anyway. https://github.com/aspnet/Docs/tree/master/aspnetcore/security/authentication/identity/sample/src/ASPNETCore-IdentityDemoComplete/IdentityDemo

Would I be better off just cloning this and working from that?

Using the above dotnet new command, how do I add a column to the database?

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