Azure Functions Maturity (v2)

Does anyone have experience with Azure Functions? I have started looking at them but it seems like they are lacking a lot of features that I have come to like about .NET Core:

  • No good solution for DI. I ended up with this solution but it seems like this should be supported out of the box.
  • Getting EF set up was painful. Since it is a .NET Standard Library project, I had to create another console app just to use the tooling.
  • No support for Swagger? I haven’t dug into this much yet but seems like a huge downside, especially because I am used to generating Angular services from the generated spec.
  • No bindings for SignalR. I haven’t dug into this one either as I am just starting with SignalR.

Are there more gotchas that I should be aware of? Are all of these things temporary things that will improve as Functions matures? I’ll take whatever feedback I can get at this point. They seemed like a really cool idea at first but it’s been one setback after another just killing my productivity.

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