XML to CSV – Multiple Files (Around 2Gb 0 8Mb each XML) – Using PowerShell

I work with Energy Management and I want to build a DB of our hourly energy usage since 2016. I’ve managed to retrieve the data from 300+ meters, each meter have it’s own ID, each meter/ID have its own XML file and they are structured like this: ​ <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″?> <medicao medicaoid=”008699″> <registro registroid=”16/8/2018 […]

Personal Azure Sandbox?

I’m currently one of the O365/Azure folks where I work. I wanted to get a personal Azure tenant to better familiarize myself with everything, learn, and explore. I am looking at dorking around with Sharepoint Online, Flow, PowerApps, remote powershelling for AAD account management, custom directory roles, etc etc. I hate having to test things […]