How do I fill fields in a word document with C#?

I have a microsoft word document template file (created from the developer tab in the word program), and I would like to auto-generate documents from that template with a C# application. I have been googling and reading how to do this but none of the code that I am finding is working, nor does it fill me in on what libraries and plugins I need to install in order to get the program working. I have a template which needs some content filled into it, I am wanting to make an application that will ask the user what the content will be, then take those values and place them into a word document template and generate a new file with all those values in there. Is there a way to do this in C#? If so, how? and if it’s called something that will help me find a tutorial on youtube or something, let me know because I really need to get this working soon.

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