Csharp Discord

I’ve been searching for a c# related discord server to ask questions and get help for problems. I’ve did some google searches but the found servers are expired. Are there any discord servers out there still populated? submitted by /u/pubGGWP [link] [comments]

College student beginning an internship at the end of the month where I will be programming in C#. What should I know to be ahead of the other interns?

As title explains, beginning internship as part of college course. Have developed data structures and algorithms skills in Java and worked quite a bit in Javascript this year for a project. Are there any language specific skills which I can know which would allow me to bring more value to the company just a regular […]

How do I set up a server that runs unit tests against newly committed code?

I’m an entry level sw engineer working at a small company without established SW practices. I’m convinced unit testing is one of a few key tools (along with modern version control, refactoring and code reviews, which my higher-ups don’t take seriously/implement) in preventing code regression. I’ve learned how to write unit tests in C, C#, […]