C sharp and SQLite

Hi everyone, i will be brief here i want to learn SQLite, i want to know how to connect it to a windows forms app so i can save the data, i want to know how to use it, add things to it, remove things from it, etc; but in my research i have found thousends of tutorials but non of those are helping me, in fact they are confusing me, every video is completly different, so at the end i dont know who is correct, who got the right and easy way?.

My goal is very simple i think, i just want to add reminders to a database, in a row or whatever and everytime i launch the app i get to see my reminders in the database and i can write other ones, thats it, but like i said, everyone is saying different things and ways to do it, so im confused, anyone knows of a video, book, webpage, blog, anything that might explain me SQLite and C sharp well?

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